Thank you for stopping by to try our tacos! I hope you enjoyed it!


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隠れん語 Water and Wind

隠れん語winner Mさん! Congratulations!!

今回のテーマは Water and Wind です。


Tornado : 竜巻 

Hurricane : 暴風雨・ハリケーン

Cyclone : 大竜巻

Typhoon : 台風

Flood : 洪水

Hailstorm : ひょうの嵐

Thunderstorm : 雷雨

Mudslide : 土砂くずれ

Tsunami : 津波

Blizzard : 大吹雪





Beer Garden 2017!

Thank you everyone for coming, it was a fun night!

I hope everyone had a good time!


Here are the some of words or phrases we came across during the dinner that you can look at and study!


縁がある  by fate

"My friend and I are connected by fate."


気を遣う  to pay attention to another's wants/needs


気を遣わない  be carefree in relation to another person

"I like taking a trip with my sister because I can be carefree."


世間知らず  naive

盲腸 appendix


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Discussion Week 16 - Sunday the 23rd, Tuesday the 25th, and Friday the 28th of July.

 - Discussion Week 16 -



- Tuesday the 25th and Friday the 28th of July -


- Should famous people that kill themselves/die of a drug overdose be given media attention? 


When people get rich and famous, it isn't uncommon to hear that they do drugs. It's also not entirely uncommon to hear that they may have died of a drug overdose, or killed themselves while on drugs, or because of drugs.


After they die, the media often try to show how the famous person was loved and great etc.


What kind of message are we sending to people who idolise those famous people?

That you will still be loved even if you do drugs? even if you die from them?

That suicide is ok because people may still look at your life positively?

Should we be giving them negative media attention instead?


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 23rd of July -

- Why do people care about the private life of royal/imperial families?  



I understand the feeling that people will want to know the official state of the royal/imperial families, like marriage, official ceremonies, or any other kinds of decisions that may have to do with the country, or image of the country.


But why do people want to know about the truly private lives of royals?

Why do people need to know that the prince went to the beach?

Why do people want to know what the queen does in the kitchen?

Why is it important to know what's in the princess's handbag?


Let's talk about that.

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隠れん語 Types of Lizards

隠れん語winner Mさん!Congratulations!!


今回のテーマは Types of Lizard トカゲの種類です。


Water Monitor : ミズオオトカゲ

Iguana : イグアナ

Frilled Lizard : エリマキトカゲ

Chameleon : カメレオン

Skink : 小型有鱗目爬虫類の総称

Anole : アノールトカゲ

Bearded Dragon : フトアゴヒゲトカゲ

Komodo Dragon : コモドオオトカゲ

Gecko : ヤモリ

Lizard : トカゲ





Discussion Week 15 - Sunday the 16th, Tuesday the 18th, and Friday the 21st of July.

 - Discussion Week 15 -



- Tuesday the 18th and Friday the 21st of July -


- When does convenience become laziness 


 We've covered this topic before but I asked if you would like to return to it once again, and you all voted that you'd like to so here we are!


Points that make me wonder whether the Japanese are changing from wanting convenience to wanting to be lazy:

1. I have recently heard from a Tokyo resident that Kyoto's public transport is really inconvenient, as it doesn't go to enough places. Is the fact that you make need to use multiple kinds of public transport, or even walk a short distance from public transport really a form a of inconvenience? Or is this person just lazy?

2. The massive waiting line for escalators. People without problems concerning their legs/body, people without heavy luggage, and people who are not too old to climb stairs, will wait in a lone queue in order to use an escalator rather than the stairs right next to the escalator, is this really an issue of convenience, or are these people just lazy?

3. Check out Yodobashi Camera in front of Kyoto station, there's an up and a down escalator in front of the shop which is only 5 stairs worth of escalator, there are stairs and a ramp leading down to the entrance, yet people still wait in line to use the escalator, is this a convenience issue or just laziness?

4. Finally, I have heard from certain Japanese people that they live approximately 5 minutes walk away from a convenience store, but they find that they would prefer a closer convenience store, as they feel 5 minutes walk is inconvenient. Is this really a convenience issue or is it laziness?


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 16th of July -

- Natural Disaster Preparedness  


Since coming to Japan, I have experienced multiple small earthquakes. Each time I have experienced these earthquakes, I have noticed that the Japanese people around me don't really do anything, no panic, no hiding under tables, no running away.

Two years ago, the typhoon that hit around this time, was quite rough, and the Kamo river was rushing like crazy, I am a foreigner, and it was my first ever typhoon, so I went out to look at the river during the typhoon. I expected that I wouldn't see any other people walking around outside, but I say an unbelievable amount of Japanese people standing on Shijo bridge looking at the river while the typhoon raged on.


Do you think that the fact that Japanese people don't seem to panic when a natural disaster occurs, is what leads to deaths during these disasters?

Currently in Kyushu there's a big issue with flooding and water overflow, do you think some of the casualties of this are due to unpreparedness?


Let's talk about that.

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日時 : 7月28日(金)18:00 ~ 20:00

場所 : 英!英!GO!!





Discussion Week 14 - Sunday the 9th, Tuesday the 11th and Friday the 14th of July.

 - Discussion Week 14 -



-  Tuesday the 11th AND Friday the 14th of July -


- Employment Regulations 

 If you were to apply for a job, but the employer said "Sorry, we don't employ anyone with tattoos", would you think that is unfair?

Let's pretend your tattoo is a culturally significant tattoo, how about in this case?

If you were to apply for a job, but a certain employment regulation would keep you out of that job, and even more so if that regulation encroaches on your culture, would you think that is unfair?

Do you think if a regulation is made for the appearance of staff, but it would prevent you from getting that job, that the regulation should be changed?

Do you think the employer has the right to demand that their employees have a certain appearance?



Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 9th of July -

- Is Abe doomed?  


So recently, you probably all know that Abe has been caught up in even more controversy, such as his wife endorsing and possibly giving cash to an ultra-nationalist school, or he moving laws through the court in ways that are not quite honest, as well as helping his friend with his business.

Is this the end for Abe?

Has he doomed himself and his party?

What do you think should be done with him and his party?











Let's talk about that.

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Discussion Week 13 - Friday the 7th, Sunday the 2nd, and Tuesday the 4th of July

 - Discussion Week 13 -






- Friday the 7th AND Tuesday the 4th of July -


- I.H.A. 


You all know the imperial family, and you all seem to have your own opinions about the members of the family, and that's fine, but there's an organisation behind this family that seems to be calling all the shots.

The Imperial Household Agency is an organisation that was set up to keep the imperial family in check, as well as arrange their affairs.

Do you think the family has any kind of freedom?

Do you think the I.H.A. is overpowered?

What changes should be made? (if any)


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 2nd of July -

- Do we rely on snacks too much?  


So recently, we had a "crisis" it seems. Because of the poor harvest of potatoes in Hokkaido, potato chips ended up being in short supply.

But to call this a "crisis" means the fact that we are unable or less able to get potato chips is an important issue.

But is it really all that bad of a problem?

Do we rely on snacks too much?

Do we really need to have snacks like potato chips in our lives?


Is this just a marketing scheme to get people craving more potato chips to sell more?



Let's talk about that.

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