Discussion Week 5 - Friday the 5th and Sunday the 7th of May

 - Discussion Week 5 -


- Friday the 5th of May -

- History VS. Truth 


If you check the history timeline of Japan, I should say the "official" timeline, or possibly the "public" history of Japan, you'll find that the first emperor of Japan took the throne in 660 BCE. Also, you'll find that officially, some female empresses are not officially counted amongst the list of emperors that have ruled Japan.

Even if you check the "list of emperors of Japan" page on wikipedia, you find that most of them are listed with "Traditional Dates"(this means they aren't the real dates)

This fits nicely with Japan's current traditional views and policies, but is it really the truth?

Well if we were to check the remains and other physical evidence we find from historical periods of Japan's history, we find that some of the true history and the national history don't agree with each other.


This is not really  a big problem, but the question I want to ask you is: Should the true history be more important than a good narrative(story) that "fits"?

If the history of Japan were to change to the true history, do you think that would be an issue? (if it would, why?)


List of emperors of Japan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Emperors_of_Japan

Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 7th of May -
- Diets, Exercise Regimes and Supplements -  


If I want to, I could invent a diet, and exercise regime or press some fruits and vegetables together into a small block and market them freely.

I could claim that they will help you to lose weight, or to get muscles and that I did the same diet/exercise/supplement and so I am the proof that it works.

For example, if I were to get in shape by swimming at the gym every week, I could claim and sell my regime as a definite way to get fit!

Also, I wouldn't need to get any kind of scientific study done to prove it.

Do you think these kinds of things should require scientific study to back them up?

If one of these methods is proven as false, what should happen to the method, and the the creator?

What should happen to the money that the creator has already gotten away with (eg. transferred overseas so it cannot be claimed back)?


Let's talk about that.

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What are you doing on the 3rd of May? We are going to have a barbecue at Sewaritei, from 12:30 to 3:30.


If you are free, please join us! Let us know if you are interested, and we'll give you the details!

バーベキュー行きませんか?5月3日(水・祝)12:30 ~ 3:30 、背割提(https://bbq-tw.com/2013/08/25/388)です。ご興味のある方はスタッフまで!詳細をお伝えします。




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隠れん語 〜Sewing/Sewing Items〜

隠れん語winner Aさん!Congratulations!!


今回の隠れん語は Sewing Items 裁縫道具です。


Needle : 針

Pin : 待ち針

Pin Cushion : 針山

Thread : 糸

Spool : 糸巻き

Tweezers : ピンセット

Thimble : 指ぬき

Tape Measure : 巻き尺

To Sew : 縫う

To Stitch : ステッチをする

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Discussion Week 4 - Friday the 28th and Sunday the 30th of April

 - Discussion Week 4 -


- Friday the 28th of April -

- Why do foreigners face discrimination in Japan when it comes to official matters 


I am a New Zealander.

I am not Japanese.

What this means is that when I try to rent an apartment, buy a house, get a loan, or even just stay in Japan, I have extra procedures to go through because I'm foreign.

The chances of me getting a loan approved are lower in Japan because I'm foreign.

There is a chance that owners of apartment buildings/houses/etc. don't want foreigners in their building.

When I enter Japan I am given an "alien card" which I have to carry with me everywhere by law. Other forms of I.D. are not a sufficient replacement.


Why do foreigners receive such discrimination in Japan?

Do you think these points are just rare cases?

If they're not rare cases do you think they are too strict on foreigners?

If they're not too strict, do you think other countries would benefit from similar discrimination against new foreigners?



Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 30th of April -
- Why is there so much death/why is death reported on so much is Japan?  

I often read the news on the website http://www.japantoday.com

When I check the "National" tab of that website, more often than not I see reports of death in Japan. Now, when tragedy strikes, it is most certainly normal to report on it, however, there is such a large proportion of death articles compared to others.

Why is death reported on so much in Japan?

Do you think it is ok that death is reported on so often in the news?

Do you think it would be better if it wasn't reported on? (I wouldn't want to hear about my relative dying/being killed/suicide in the news)


Let's talk about that.

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隠れん語 〜Parts of the Mouth~

隠れん語Winner Mさん! Congratulations!!


 今回のテーマは Parts of the Mouth です。


・Milk Teeth : 乳歯

・Tongue : 舌

・Jaw : 頬

・Lips : 唇

・Tonsils : 扁桃腺

・Gums : 歯茎

・Palate : 口蓋

・Molars : 奥歯

・Incisors : 切歯

・Wisdom Teeth : 親知らず

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隠れん語 〜Doctors' Equipment〜

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Discussion Week 3 - Friday the 21st and Sunday the 23rd of April

 - Discussion Week 3 -


- Friday the 21st of April -

- Should Halal Meat Be Outlawed 


If you don't know the manner in which Halal meat is butchered, please look it up.

It's a barbaric practice which causes immense suffering for the animal that is being slaughtered.


My questions this week are short:

Should Halal meat/butchery be outlawed?

Or should it be allowed under cultural/religious rights?


Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 23rd of April -
- Criminals being shot  

So, sometimes when criminals are committing, or have committed a crime, the crime doesn't work out exactly how they would have liked, and perhaps something bad happens to them.

Perhaps someone who is the victim of the crime is able to use force to defend themselves, or perhaps the criminal claims to have been traumatised by something that happened while committing a crime.

Should that criminal be allowed to try to sue the victim for defending themselves or doing something that could injure the criminal (mentally or physically)?


Here are a few cases in which just that has happened::





Let's talk about that.

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Ohanami at Nijo Castle!

Yay! We made it! Thanks everyone for such a fun night! We are very sorry if you couldn't make it. Maybe next year!




Please enjoy more pictures below! ↓↓

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Discussion Week 2 - Friday the 14th and Sunday the 16th of April

 - Discussion Week 2 -


- Friday the 14th of April -

- Why don't Japanese people (generally) care about religion? 


In Japan, even though there are two major religions (Buddhism and Shinto), one being a religion of Japanese origin, Japanese people don't seem to really care about religion.

Going to the shrine or temple to get a good luck charm or make a wish to the god of that shrine/temple seems to be closer to being a novelty rather than a religious practice for most Japanese.


Why don't Japanese people really care about their religion?

Why isn't there someone going door-to-door trying to convert people to Shinto?

Do Japanese people think its strange when western people are extremely devout? 


Let's talk about that.

- Sunday the 16th of April -
- Should we be trying to accept people with (high functioning) mental illnesses as normal people, or should we be treating them as special/different?  

When we look at then political correctness of the modern era, people with mental illness/disability are meant to be looked at as normal people. As if there is not only not something "wrong" with them, but not even something different about them.

We're told that the word "retard" is derogatory, and that those who have disabilities should be seen in the same way as any other non-disabled person.


Should we really be trying to accept people who are mentally ill/disabled as regular people in society?

These people require extra help in most aspects of life that most regular people don't require and as such are most definitely different, should we be making a point of the of the fact that they are different so they can get better care or better understanding from people in society?


(An example of this is recently the Sesame Street kid's TV show is going to add a new muppet that is autistic, though the creator of the muppet has stated that she doesn't want people to think of the muppet as 'the autistic muppet' but of just another regular member of the cast. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-39324183)


Let's talk about that.

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