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Charles's last day

Thanks a lot, Charles!

We will miss you!


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Potluck Party for Charles!

Thank you very much everyone who joined the party and who gave us a message for the surprise;)

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隠れん語 9月3週目 〜Headwear〜




今週のテーマは Headwear かぶりもの です。Visorは覚えれそうですね!Gatsbyは整髪剤のブランド名しか思いつかなかったのですが、帽子なんですね。見かけはハンチングで、でも英語ではハンチングとは言わないとのことなので、ハンチング=Gatsbyと私は見ました。またマークに聞いてみてください!



Helmet : ヘルメット

Gatsby : ギャツビー(ハンチング)

Bowler : 山高帽子 

Tiara : ティアラ 

Turban : ターバン

Beanie : 子供用縁なし帽

Beret : ベレー帽

Visor : サンバイザー

Fez : トルコ帽

Fedora : フェルト製のソフト帽

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Discussion week 24 - Friday the 7th and Sunday the 9th of October

 - Discussion Week 24 -


- Friday the 7th of October

 - Piracy - 


These days, with the internet as accessible as it is, downloading whatever data you want to have is getting easier and easier.

But a lot of people illegally download music and movies, and according to the film and music industries, they lose a lot of profits because of it.

But even so, they still make many millions of dollars in sales.


Is film and music piracy really all that bad?

Is data piracy really going to cut a lot of profits out of the businesses that produce it?

Who does this really harm?


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 9th of October

 - What is indecent?  - 


These days in western culture at least, people are getting more and more sensitive to things that they feel might make others feel uncomfortable.


And even though breast-feeding is natural and required for babies to grow, people are telling mothers who breast-feed in public to cover up, or to go to a restroom to do it.

Many people feel that this is some kind of indecent exposure.


But at what point is something as natural and normal as breast-feeding indecent?

Are those who get upset at mothers doing this in public just over-reacting?


Adding to this, there are people on a more extreme side of the debate, who feel that because men can expose their chest in public (at the beach for example) that women deserve the same right, and should be allowed to expose their chests without it being seen as indecent exposure.

What do you think about this all, and how to Japanese people generally feel about this kind of exposure?


Let's talk about that.

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隠れん語 9月2週目 〜Serious Crimes〜




今回のテーマは Serious Crimes 重大犯罪 です。

単語力には果てがないですね...。"Fraud"は日常でも「そんなん詐欺やん!」ってな感じで"That's a fraud!"と使えるかと思います。発音はフラウドではないので、是非調べてみてください!


Murder : 殺人

Assault : 暴行

Rape :強姦

Fraud : 詐欺

Counterfeiting : 偽造

Robbery : 強盗

Mugging : 路上強盗

Possesion : 所持

Trafficking : 密売

Bribery : 贈収賄 

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Discussion week 23 - Friday the 23rd and Sunday the 25th of September

 - Discussion Week 23 -


- Friday the 23rd of September

 - English Globalisation - 


Currently, the world has decided to use English in almost every country. For travelling, tourists learn english phrases to help them get by. Most countries have compulsory English education in schools. Even in Japan the Ministry of Education, as well as the General Public want to improve English education in Japan.


But should English be the world-language? It's not the easiest language to learn and it has so many variations and accents that it doesn't seem like the best choice.


Why not Japanese? Why not Chinese? Why not Russian? Why not German?


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 25th of September

 - Body Modification  - 


What do you think about Body Modification?

This means cosmetic surgery, tattoos, piercings and all kinds of things that change ones appearance either semi-permanently or permanently.


In some cases, for example breast cancer patients who have had a mastectomy, could have fake breasts implanted to replace those that were removed, or in a man's case they could have a nipple tattooed on.

This is just one example of the good side of plastic surgery or tattoos, they can help bring back confidence to those who have felt the side-effects of bad illnesses or body-damaging accidents.


However in Japan, people with tattoos may seem slightly scary or may be associated with gangs, while the western image of tattoos is that they are something that cool people have.

Also cosmetic surgery is seen as something that people who want to look like they are younger or more attractive, will do.

And piercings (other than ear piercings) are seen as something that punks or strange people might have.


What is your view on all of these things, and what do you think Japanese people's general view on these things is?


Let's talk about that.

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Discussion week 22 - Friday the 16th and Sunday the 18th of September

 - Discussion Week 22 -


- Friday the 16th of September

 - Drugs? In Japan?! - 


According to the police data for the first half of 2016, the amount of drugs smuggled in to Japan is 6.5x the amount smuggled in in 2015 over the same period of time.


Whats happening here? Is the market for drugs in Japan increasing? 

Compared to a lot of western countries, Japan seems to have less of a drug problem amongst it's citizens. Is this changing?

Are Japanese people getting more interested in the drug-scene?


Or is it possible that police drug-detection techniques have improved over the last year, and that there has been a large hidden drug-scene in Japan after all?


Let's talk about that.



- Sunday the 18th of September

 - Minimum wage and Athletes' Salaries  - 


So currently the minimum wage in Japan is: about ¥780p/h nationally, and ¥807p/h in Kyoto. If you were to work a full-time 40 hour per week position at ¥807 per hour, you would get ¥129120 per month (before tax!). 

Do you think this is a fair wage for anyone? Could someone live alone in Kyoto on a wage like that?

On the other hand, while regular people like us -could- get stuck with a low wage like that if we were desperate, famous athletes are getting salaries in the millions, and while it's understandable that they need to stay in shape, and work hard to get to that level, do you think the excessively large amounts that they do get is really what they deserve?

Is it things like this that cause the massive wealth gap between the rich and the poor?


Let's talk about that.

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  追加クラス 水曜日20:00「初心者JP」





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David’s performance coming up this Friday night!

Here's the information from the website.↓↓↓


Kansai Art Beat 3周年記念パーティー !!!



【会場 / Venue】京都芸術センター (2階講堂) Kyoto Art Center (2F Auditorium)

 546-2 Yamabushiyama-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


【アクセス(MAP)】 http://www.kac.or.jp/access/

【入場料/Charge】1000円 (フード・ドリンク付) by「hanauta」Includes food and drink


※事前予約要※ 下記リンク先へお願いします。




Dave Moss / デーヴ モス 


1979年生まれ、アメリカ  カルフォリニア州 サンフランシスコ出身


ジャズ、ロック、エレクトロニック ベーシスト(コントラバス、エレクトリックベース演奏者)


2003年にニューヨークへ移り、奨学金を得て、New School コンテンポラリー音楽部 ジャズ科へ入学。その後、ニューヨーク市立大学City College音楽学部ジャズパフォーマンス科へ編入し、2006年、同大学にてBFAを取得、卒業。


ニューヨークでの活躍は、ジョン ゾーンの主催するThe StoneSpectrumCornelia Street CafeThe Issue Project Roomなど数々の有名なライブハウスでの演奏、Charnette MoffettEric McPhersonFerenc NemethWilliam Parkerなどとの共演、Charlie Parker Jazz FestivalWorld Science FestivalCare Fusion Jazz Festivalなど様々なミュージック フェスティバルへの出演、に加えてジャズグループ SEARCH、ジャズロックグループ WAKE UP! 、エレクトロニック ジャズ ロックグループ Platypus Revengeなどのグループでの活躍、CDリリース(Dried Orange Records577 recordsより発売)など、多岐にわたる。2009年、音楽雑誌 All About Jazz Magazineに、2010年、Downbeat Magazine, Special 2010 Winter Editionにてジャズグループ SEARCHCDレビューが掲載され、2010年には、WIRE magazine にて WAKE UP! が取り上げられ、そのオリジナル性が高く評価される。2014年には、ニューヨークのラジオ局 WKCR Radio Stationにて2時間に渡るインタビュー/演奏の番組出演。また、8年に渡るOrnette Colemanとの度重なるセッションは、Dave Moss の音楽観、哲学、世界観に深い変容をもたらした。






2014年、"Full Moon Day"(ジャズアルバム)Dried Orange Recordsより発売


ジャズバンド "Three Daves" フューチャリング  Liz Kosack:






2009年、"The Gowanus Recordings"(ジャズアルバム)577 records より発売


ジャズバンド"The Gowanus Group"






2009年、"Demian Richardson and Three Daves"(ジャズアルバム)Dried Orange Recordsより発売


ジャズバンド"The Demian Richardson Quartet"






2008年、"Today is Tomorrow"(ジャズアルバム)インディペンダント リリース


ジャズバンド "SEARCH"




2010年、"WAKEUP!"(ジャズロックアルバム)インディペンダント リリース


ジャズロックバンド”WAKE UP!”






"The elastic but forceful rhythms laid out by bassist David Moss—a key figure in the circle of musicians in the 577 Records stable, prevent the music from sounding old fashioned, eschewing bop buoyancy for a more muscular grooveology."--Downbeat Magazine, Special 2010 Winter Edition, album release review for the band: SEARCH.


 "Fluently applying reverberant pizzicato form, Moss bridges the delivery from one horn to the other, carves out introductions on which the instruments can depend ("Breathe") and operates as hinge to each instrument's sound"--All About Jazz Magazine album release review for the band: SEARCH, summer 2009. 


 WAKE UP! is a genuine band (rare these days), but even more than a band, it's a movement for increasing consciousness--a movement primarily interested in evoking the evolution of consciousness in us all, through SOUND and beyond.  The members of WAKE UP! all knew each other from previous music collaborations, but it wasn't until May, 2009 that Federico Ughi, Demian Richardson, David Moss and Daniel Carter started getting together regularly as a quartet, which eventually became WAKE UP!  Musically, the band demonstrates a huge spectrum of influences, and integrates and synthesizes an array of styles, while not being limited or stuck in any one style or genre. "With a debut self-titled album (out now), WAKE UP! are riding a wave of youthful enthusiasm every bit as boisterous and impatient as their name."-- Daniel Spicer, WIRE magazine article.




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水  10:00~21:00

木  10:00~19:00

金  12:00~19:00

土  10:00~18:00

日  10:00~13:00


定休日 毎週月曜日 


prospective teachers